Laboratory of Plasma technologies (LPT)

Institute of Plasma Physics of CAS, v. v. i.

Science and Technology Park VZLU

Beranových 130, 199 00

Prague - Letňany


Plasma spraying with WSP-H technology can be demonstrated at Laboratory of Plasma Technologies (LPT) located in Prague (Czechia).

This facility is focused on:
  • applied research of powder/liquid/hybrid plasma spraying with extreme feed rates
  • further development of hybrid WSP-H technology
  • development of procedures and diagnostics for high energy plasma spraying
  • spraying for customers (regular sprayshop)


  • WSP®-H 500 hybrid water-stabilized plasma torch
  • fully integrated and computer controlled system
  • spraybooth with heavy duty ABB robot (Foundry edition)
  • powder feeding units (Sulzer Twin, Uniquecoat gravimetric G4, Mark XV)
  • liquid feeding unit
  • in-flight particle diagnostics (DPV-2000, Spraycam, PlumeSpector)
  • online temperature monitoring (thermocouples, pyrometers, IR camera)
  • various components/sample holders
  • powder/suspension processing & analysis